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High Desert Leather is a custom leather shop. I specialize in gun leather and cowboy accessories. Whether you carry a gun for self defense in a conceal carry state or you are a SASS Cowboy Action Shooter.  High Desert Leather will build you a gun-belt rig or just a holster that will last you for years to come.  All holsters and other leather products are made with top of the line vegetable tanned leather you will not find plastic or kydex in our holsters or belts.  I have a large selection of holsters and belts to choose from and all orders are custom built when you send in your order.  If you have a modification or a new idea send me an email and lets see if we can build if for you.  All orders are shipped within 45 days of payment.

Sheridan with elephant and nickle spots

    Custom .45 auto double rig

Pants belt double layered and stitched

IP-23 Semi- Auto and Revolvers

Custom Built Customer Provided Sawed Off Shotgun1880 vintage

B-22 Revolvers and Semi-Auto


Up Dated 4/9/2014

Current ship time is 45 days from payment of order.